Monday, May 4, 2009

Slow Spring

Here I am excited about 2 nights in a row when it didnt freeze.  Well, except it was freezing this morning,  so I am thinking it is plodding progress not a leap into summer.  The May flowers are out in the woods and it is so pretty to be walking up there.  Sometimes we step on a leek and you can smell the onion......  The aspeargus is coming up.  So Spring is here.  The farmers here are starting to till and disc and plow so I  started tilling up some ground too. The soil is dry enough and the frost is deep enough that it seemed to be fine.  So today I will do some more tilling.  We have to move the egg layer chicken to a new spot so I will get that ready next.  There are just so many jobs to do.  I have to stop and think.  I am not a working machine.  Maybe now I can plan the next 3 weeks, make a schedule and do work and play in a balanced way. I have all wonderful things to do and it will be just fine.
This is a good time for a walk. Maybe I can see one of the wild turkeys I have been listening to this morning.

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