Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slow Morning

This morning is not slow because of anything but me.  The sun is stirring up the birds, the sky is clear, the wind is still from the SE and the chickens are out checking for something.  But me,  I am energized in my head but my arms and legs are saying, 'Slow is good.'  When I walk around a little more parts will get more interested in activity. 
I do have a great day planned!  I am going to assemble another section of fence. [The old fence between my neighbor and I didn't match the property line.  So I am remaking it. ]  Yesterday the little boy she is babysitting came wandering over. So I am really motivated to get it finished.  Also I am going to paint the last section of my new woodshop.  I don't know why but I am getting my first woodshop and I will have it ready for my 65th birthday.  I guess life is like that, dreams sometimes have to wait.  Oh then I am going to go through my old potting trays from last year. I am getting ready to move my 2" transplants to the 4" pots.  I still have to keep the seedling trays inside the house and studio.  I have a new small greenhouse but it gets around freezing every night. By next week I will start to move plants out there. It should be warmer by then. So three things today; paint, fence and clean greenhouse trays. 
This is a good day.  I think that before I start I will walk up on the hill. There are Mayflowers starting to carpet the forest floor.  The buds are opening and Spring is starting.

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