Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Empty Yard

'empty yard'

The chickens have been gone for two weeks and the yard has been washed by the rains.  The netting is down,  the trays and waterers are stored and it is almost all cleaned up.  Soon the summer garden stuff gets stored in the coop until next year.
The organic garden did pretty well, except for the droughts. Perhaps if I had mulched more.... but I was in an airboot for my wrecked ankle. I just had to let a lot of things go. [until next year.]
In the background you can see the woods where I get firewood for the winter, nature lessons and 'peace-of -mind' walks.  We had 2 bad wind storms this summer and some trees had their tops blow off and some just tipped over, roots and all. Now I am going around with my little tractor and wagon, picking up piles of firewood that I cut last winter.  Last week I cut a few dead trees but I am taking it easy yet.  The cutting doesn't seem to hurt me at all.
There is  a lot to do before  the first snow. I'll keep reporting in.

Do good!