Sunday, May 10, 2009

The chicks

Tonight we brought the chicks home.  They are 3 days old, they have yellow feathers  and are soooo little.  And so full of life! They got a sip of water as we took them out of the mailer crate.  We put them into their heated area and  they ran and pecked mush and just got busy. After an hour half of the chicks were eating the softened mush and some were running and a big clump were under the lights sleeping.  This was a good delivery. None were dead or acting damaged. Now I can go to bed too.  
I remember that in the bigger picture these are Jumbo Cornish Rock hens.  They will have wonderful tasting meat and because of their genetics they carry double sized breasts when they are adult.  So it is my job to give them a good environment with excellent feed for eight weeks.  Then they will be processed so family and friends can have wholesome food. That is my job too. One day at a time I am grateful for what I can do.

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