Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Sun!

Today we had sun all day and the temps were in the 70's.  The Earth up here came alive!  The popple trees opened their leaf buds and the hillside took on highlights of  light green.  Finally. Something besides Black, white gray or tan---- real green.  Speaking of green the grass is a pretty bright green too.  I think I can crawl through the asperagus and weed them.  Monday I will start planting the garden.  Now I am planting in the Greenhouse and in Cold Frame boxes near the greenhouse.  My daughter planted the coldweather salad greens in the greenhouse three weeks ago and they are up and growing now. The ground was so cold I didnt think they would grow. By this weekend we can have a salad and aspeargus Is this worth the wait? Yes. 
The garden is cultivated, the oats field[about 1/2 acre I think.  I never measured a half acre before, but a big city lot size.] had it's first tilling.  Many weeds had a tough day.  Tomorrow I can seed some of it with oats/peas. I have to do that by hand some how.  The egg-layer chicken flock in the orchard is really getting into 'bugging.' They hardly ate any of the feed I put in there.  AND they are back to laying eggs again. I gathered twice today and totaled 3 dozen!  The rooster had them all gathered in an assembly this morning.  ---Like Johnny Cash singing to the crowd.  So I'll change their name from 'egg-layer flock'  to 'Johnny's Flock.'  This is a good day!    

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  1. So Johnny Cash was holding a revival meeting with the ladies this morning...Since they are all penned up in the orchard, perhaps he could break into his old standby "Folsum Prison Blues". Who says life in the country is boring?