Friday, February 25, 2011

2011.Can it be the fifth year now?

Welcoming another Spring! I have been making another garden map. I can just see the plants growing and the berries getting ripe. What a great year this will be. The surgery is behind me. My arms are healing and I am without the constant pain. What a gift! I will have to be careful with my arms and use tools. I can do that. I will have to plan and be smart. I can do that, too.

I am making goals. For the gardens--a kitchen/herb garden, a market garden and a grain field for the chickens. For the edge of some fields, I have ordered 1000 pine trees to make windbreaks and habitat areas. In the woods I can make winter firewood, prune out broken trees and make more hiking trails.
Then too I will sometimes mention 'We' as well as'I'. I won't always be doing things alone. 'We' are sharing some landscape and woodland projects and that is nice. We are working things out. More later as the projects become defined.