Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Sustainable Life

Today is a cool March day and a big snowstorm has just swept over us.  All the tension and excitement of the storm; now the calm of Sunshine, warming and quiet air.  This morning I remembered these posting and the storms in my life that Blocked my words. Today I feel my Recovery and I can write again.

Last week I was on my knees outside enlarging the homemade strawberry frames. In the middle of my concentration I heard the faint 'Qua' sounds of a Snowbird flock flying super high. I quit my job and started searching the sky. A V flock and Line flock were up there going so fast to the west. The sunlight was flashing off their white wings. Just 'WOW.'  In the line flock, there were 7 black spots scattered among the white.  I puzzled then decided they were young birds just coasting along.  I won't even look in a book to see if there are black swans.... I like my 'truth' better.  With a light heart the strawberry frames got bolted together. I can bring in some dirt from the old chicken yard after the snow goes away.

I tromped up the hill into the woods to the '3 pines' spot that I had started de-brushing last Fall. It looks pretty good. I can partly mow it and see what happen when the May flowers come out!!

This is what it looks like now. The '3 Pines is about the size of a baseball diamond. I will mow it next week before any of the little plants start to come up. Yes after the snow melts and the ground is not mushy.    There must be 20 sapling trees in here.  I trimmed some to balance them. It will be great to see them with leaves........     

From the Ark,  I wish you calm.