Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting started!!

May 10, 2012
The importance of learning new things....  Why am I out here?
This is a place of lessons, life and beauty!

I did not write for a while.... I had some lessons to learn. Now the ground is not so cold and ready for seeds. The days are longer and I am ready to start. That is the first lesson. When it is time....Start.

This place has gardens, flower beds, fields and a wilderness that have all started their spring/summer growing season. And I am starting too.
Today I will be in Garden 1 and 2. I am weeding and cleaning the asparagus bed in Garden 1 and in Garden 2 I am putting down the cold frames and the walking mats.  It has been freezing at nights and the ground has been so cold and soupy, it just didn't seem ready.
It feels good for me to stop looking/thinking/planning and getting ready.   I'll write more soon.