Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day Gathering

This weekend my family came to Talk, connect, and do things together on the land.  We met for a noon potluck in the studio and then spread out to start worm compost boxes, exchange seedlings and walk up to the woods on the hill.  Little snippets of conversation mean a lot.  Watching the grandkids run and laugh and climb trees makes a heart warm even on a cold raw day.  At least the rains stopped for a while.  I was tired because I was Spring cleaning for two days. But I was smart enough to let everyone lead and be in conversation.  I didn't try to make the day be all about me.  It is all about them.  We all have so much goodness and creativity.  The day is about the Earth and about us too.   
Then last night it rained again and off and on today too.  The land needs it. The water will pull the cold out of the ground and  awaken the plants and trees.  The grass is getting green and the trees are budding.  It is cold and raw but Spring is starting.

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