Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Running Birds!!!!

The birds have their feathers! Their weeks of being half feathered are over.  In the morning when they come out of the coop.  They run, they are strong.
In fact I just moved their food about 15 feet farther from the coop. Today they got outside at 7am and they pecked and explored for an hour before I brought in the feed.  
Today they hit a new marker. As a flock they ate a 50 lb. bag of organic feed. They are growing and maturing.  So I try to keep up and keep ahead of them.
In the last week I am seeing more hawks cruising.  A big red-tailed hawk landed in a tree above me. He was just interested in the little white birds out in the yard. So I yelled, waved my arms. He flew away and I started thinking.  My bird counts are short.  The most I get is 102.  Could it be that the hawks are not hunting mice???? I haven't caught they grabbing any birds, but I needed to do something. Today I was getting up some bird netting.  I feel responsible for these birds and I am the only one that can act.
We'll see how I do....... and I'll keep counting.
It hasn't rained here and even the grass isn't growing.  The woods is like tinder. I see how the fires could start out West. Tomorrow I'll go out to pick vegetables and dig up some of the potatoes whose vines have dried up. The tomatoes are beautiful, they must love this hot weather!


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