Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frozen feet?

Frozen  Feet..... Well not really.
The temp was in the 30s and the plants were frozen and crunchy.  Then the Sun came up and everything warmed up again.
The change into Autumn is apparent; frosty mornings, cold showers, and the winds.
So I am working so that the birds have an environment where they can thrive outside in their yard.  They moved into yard #3 with fresh grass and clover. Today I put green 'wind-break' fencing around the yards.  So they are going to be good!

Oh, just now a big storm came in from the West... Rolling black clouds, wind gusts and lightning.  So I was out, hustling the birds inside the coop.  Well, they didn't know what the black clouds meant. So they didn't want to move from their yard. So I waved my broom around and told them it was a hawk. That helped them move a little faster..... The last ones got in just as the winds from the North swooped through.... leaves were flying all over. Wow!!!

Yesterday I call the processor about the time I was bringing the birds in.  They had a glitch in their scheduling and my date got moved back to Oct. 2.  So the delivery of your birds will be delayed about a week.  I will have enough feed to last if I supplement with over-ripe garden produce. Tomorrow I will start experimenting with the bush beans and a few tomatoes....
Life is good.  Hanging out here with wild Mother Nature is a trip!

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