Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cool Drinks

Cool Drinks......
This week we have had freezing temperatures overnight.  So the water lines were frozen when the birds came out of the coop.  But they came out, picking little green grasses, cucumber seeds, and the  corn husks. However the water that was always there had to wait for the Sun to warm up the ground.  One day I had to take the waterers up  to the house because we couldn't wait.
The Stratford John Deere Coop returned my little tractor.  They straightened the bent Mower Deck, and got it all tuned up/repaired for another year. I mowed some rows of the grass field, for the bedding in the coop.  The chips are ok, but dry grass is better. So I was glad the machine was back.

All week I was saying 'good-bye' to the birds.  I have been working with them 3 or 4 times a day, and watching them for problems and making their life as good as I could. So now I have to remember that they will give me and others clean, organic meat.  So I have been thanking them in advance.

Wednesday I cleaned the trailer, and got the cages repaired. My daughter loaned me some cages too so they wouldn't be so crowded on the trip to the processor.  Thursday we brought them in and in a short time they were all processed, chilled, and inspected by the USDA guy. So we went home and I spent the afternoon starting to clean things up.  So I feel sad.  But living close to nature, farming, harvesting has
raw moments.  Just think how hard it was to make a living out here a hundred years ago.

Now I feel much gratitude.

Do good out there....

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