Saturday, August 10, 2013

Downs and Ups this Summer

Shortly after my last blog in June, I strained my back from bumping around on my little tractor.  It seemed to have dulled my life into a day-to-day existence.  So I would make lists, and do something and let the rest go.
So it was a Season of Less. The solar panels worked. I raised the chicks into big hens. I mowed some of the lawn. I planted some of the garden. Just living around the pain.
Then 2 weeks ago, I started working with a physical therapist.  I stopped the Ibuprofen stuff and started stretching/flexibility exercises.  The pain is much less and I feel like doing things again.  But not so much tractor. I'll try moderation.
The birds are healthy and through their big growth spurt.  The organic feed and being out of the coop in the grassy yard all day seems to be agreeing with them. Yesterday one of the hens was trying to catch a butterfly, it was fun to watch...  I didn't think much about chickens being so curious.

In late June a little Thunderhead storm came through and hail smashed the tomato plants, the apples, the leaves and just left a mess. I was sort of numb.  Now everything is pretty much recovered except for the apples. I am starting to pick off the worst apples and brace up broken trees.  What a big lesson.  I certainly need to use more technology to compete with Nature's surprises. If you have ideas I could use them!

More good news later, It is nice to be excited again.



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