Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Starts Now...

Summer Starts Now.....

Today the sun was shining all day! I felt like I was 60 again and I got so many projects done!!! A Wow Day!
 May has been cold and wet.  We got caught in rain storms plus a couple of Rain trains and the puddles just kept coming back. Sunday the ground squished wherever I walked.  I have all these plants in pots waiting for me to get into the garden without getting mud all over.  That could happen in a few days!

Then last month I had to get my eyes fixed. The cataracts were getting badder faster. So for 3 weeks I was supposed to move slow and not put pressure on my eyes.... No weeding, no mowing, no exciting tractor rides. So by now I am in better shape so I can do something again.

Back to today.  I got the fabric down on a new flower bed. There are no flowers yet, 4 little balsam trees and 4 lilac trees set in 2 rows.  It is a picture in my head so far, with clusters of echinachea, that grow larger as the pines and lilac get taller. Good huh?
Then the last picking of asparagus. The bed got a short mow job,some ashes to feed the slugs, and fabric on both sides to slow up next years weeds. The bed will last the winter better and be a lot cleaner for picking. So that was a good job done!
The last thing was the fencing. I have 'maybe miles' of fencing with green plastic wind block.  The winter/spring winds just tore them up and off the wire. So two sections are repaired now, with strips to keep the plastic from tearing.  The hot weather slowed me down, I'm not used to summer at all.  Tomorrow I get to do the fence around the chicken yard. That will be good.

I'm 69 now and days like this are rich and mean a lot.

do good                                      FIRST IRIS

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