Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Garden Walk

Today is warm-70s, sunny, and the wind is calm. So this morning was a good time for a walk-around. The lower East garden is mostly tilled bare ground. The bare ground is 3 gardens that rotate companion-ized vegetables. Our last frost date is June 10. So this year,with the weeks of cold weather and arm surgery, I am a lot slower with my planting. The LE garden has a long [50'?] asparagus bed. So guess how much weeding there is? About 2 hours
and it will be fine since the birds are so busy in the early morning. In a week I will know how my arm is healing and start with onion sets.
The other gardens are waiting and warming too. I guess my goal is to keep up with weeds in the herb garden and build up my strength again. A good deal all around.

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  1. I guess I have been too busy with 'real life' to read blogs lately...I didn't hear -did you get any good stuff from the asparagus this year? Is rhubarb sauce off the menu since you are doing so good on the diet?