Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cold Nights

It is 4:30 in the morning. The temperature has gone down to 26F. and will probably keep dropping until after dawn. We have had a string of warmish days and even a shower in the last few weeks. The asparagus is under a deep hay covering and insulated. The bulb flowers like the tulips and irises, the rhubarb, and overwintered onions are all pushing out of the ground and through the hay ground cover--growing and blooming. The flowers of the tulips were beautiful.
So I sit in the dark and I wonder, could I have done more? The weather this season has lulled me into thinking it was May and we should be planting. But the ground is still cold and the maples and oaks aren't budding leaves yet. Dad would say, 'Plant corn and beans when the new oak leaves were like a squirrel's ear'.
This week the weather switched back on us and we started getting North winds from Canada. They just pulled the warmth out of me. Back to layers again. My arms still hurt. I tried to shovel up a wash-out in the slough. I didn't do much but I had to quit and icepack again. I hurt when I have to extend my arms. I am a lot stronger when I can keep my hands by my chest. My right shoulder is getting better all the time. I think I am lucky to be healing so well.
Yesterday I sat with the radio in the greenhouse. I cleaned out the winter stuff that was piled all over. I got the weeds out of the bed and raked it a little, Slowly.... with my arms in. I planted it with hardy salad seeds and covered them with composed dirt. I added a lot of water, and now it feels like Spring. If I take care of them we can have fresh salads in three weeks. I know I can't do much, but I will try to do somethings. AND if/when I ask my neighbor and family are helping me with jobs I can't do. That feels good.
It is getting to be morning. 30 degrees now, there is light in the East, a bird is really fussing and I saw the lights from the car that delivers newspapers. The wind is down, the sky looks clear, another day is starting. It is time for a 'walk-around.'

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