Friday, August 24, 2012

Cool Chicks

Cool Chicks-----

In this picture the birds are in the shade next to the coop. Those are white fence slats that don't let the birds under the coop.  It is cool under there and breezes come blowing through too.

The birds are out every day and we are getting into some routines about how the day goes.  I get out as early as I can, about 6.  I open the coop doors and take the 5 G waterer out and refill it. When I finish that and look around there are about 20 birds out in the clover pecking at things.  When I get the feeders out and fill them, I put them under the sun tarp.  By then half the birds are out. Full feeder are a big attraction!
 It is a treat for me to watch them exploring and figuring things out.  Today I broke some  oversized cucumbers in the yard.  In a moment the pieces were surrounded by pecking birds.
 Then I go into the coop, invite everyone out, clean the bedding, add more shavings, open the windows and close the door until late PM [or storms or hawks].
I come back in mid-afternoon, fill the feeders, check to be sure they have moved to the shady areas, and just watch. Today the tarp was flapping and snapping in the stronger breezes today. So I moved the poles and reset it. it seems more stable now.

Tonight I moved the waterer and half-full feeders inside. I lowered 2 windows for overnight, and left the door open. Some birds went right in. I'll go back soon to invite the rest inside and close the doors for the night.  The birds don't move when it gets dark, their wisdom, owls fly at night.  So if it is a twilight like now they are probably in the coop already.  So that is the day today. All of us did well!  Hope you did too.

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