Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow Day

Today is a snow day---- it is coming down, covering the buildings and fields. Covering everything, including the dreams and projects. I'll think more about them some other day. Now I am interested in this REAL stuff. This snow will probably stay on the ground. We have had freezing weather for a week and the ground has gotten harder with deep freezing every night. No more digging. No more 'fixing one more thing' in the garden. The frost has put that to rest and this season is ended. I think I did 'good.'
So this morning as I look around, everything seems new and fresh and clean. What a wonderful day to be out here. Winter is here and I want to walk the new trails out in the woods. Last month I got the DR Brush Cutter fixed and I got to use 'my Walker' again. Sometimes when I am behind it, I think I can go all day. Anyway I widened trails and blazed some new ones in the back of the woods where the brush has been too thick to even walk through. Anyway, back there is a different woods--- there are a series of clearings through the raspberry brush with deerbeds and dozens of interconnecting trails among small groves of dense maple and poplar trees. Hmm. Sort of liked I walked into their living rooms. I haven't found nearly all of them yet. But that is for another year.....

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