Monday, January 25, 2010

2011 Garden ----maybe.

Sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my head around changes. I think I have been struggling for months to figure out what to do. Do I ......? or Do I not...?
Anyway, last summer I did days of too much lifting and heavy work. I hurt my shoulders. I thought I would get over it.... and besides I had too much to do and I couldn't stop. So this winter I have been going to doctors and a physical therapist. I am getting stronger but not healing. Next month I go in for Rotator cuff surgery on my right and in a couple of months, I get my left repaired. As I heal I start a 6 month recovery and I pretty much 'not do anything.' So I have to pass on gardening and raising chickens. The chainsaw gets to sit along side the lawnmower, the tractor and the weed wacker. What a deal. It seems like a black hole in my life.
The gardens? I'll get rhubarb and asparagus for sure! Left handed. I'll have herbs coming up again for cooking and salads, raspberries, apples, and mutant squash from the compost pile. Well thats ok. Maybe by August I could plant some fall crops.
No chickens. No lifting. No driving. But I can walk! I like that as much as anything. So I'll do OK. Maybe now I'll really retire........ Sure.

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