Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garden days

These have been calm days.  The 'meat chickens' were processed and now in the freezers.  We get to deliver and visit this week for part of each day. It is refreshing to see a job get finished.  Well this is a farm and there are more jobs in the wings ---- The gardens are getting covered with baled grass.  The drought is bad.  We had a rain last week but the ground is back to dust.  Last night the rain missed us again. I am doing a watering as I weed. I keep a radio and coffee by the chair and move it around to where I am working. Then I get little breaks where ever I am.  It is beautiful outside. The third crop of lettuce is peeking through the hay. The onions are getting big. The cucumbers and squash are fruiting. So it is coming as long as I water.  Maybe I should make trenches and call it irrigating. 
The baby chicks have grown wing feathers and need to leave the nursery crate.  This afternoon I will finish cleaning the coop and they can go to the little room there.  They need the heat lamp but they want to run and flap  too. They grow so fast. 
This isnt a job ---the raspberries on the hill are calling. So I am out picking this week!

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