Sunday, June 21, 2009

Delicious pain in the garden

Oh I know, no pain is good..... except the muscle aches that come from planting, hoeing, tilling, transplanting, weeding  and dreaming.  The hours of bending, stooping, and crawling are so worth it.  The zuchs, cucumbers and beans are breaking through the clay soil and the vines will be coming soon.  The transplants are getting used to life in the wilds and flourishing.  I've got a chair out there and I watch or dream or just 'feel' the place.  The greenhouse is getting empty of the transplants. It will have some experiments through the summer.  I have samples of the tomato plants and I can see the difference between the tomatoes growing in open air and their twins growing in the greenhouse.  I have some broccoli that I will raise in the greenhouse bed [hopefully away from the moths and their baby worms that love my plants to pieces. 
  Today I worked all day out there. It was wonderful. I planted seven frames and got the fence up [with the vital help of my son-in-law].  I mowed weeds, pulled weeds and tilled a sod bed of weeds. Walking through it tonight I got a little smily--- it is starting to look like I thought it would look. This ark farm is a place of dreams. It really is. 
And tomorrow, my grandkids will build a salad, with the lettuces and herbs from the coldframes, and it will be a salad of foods they will happily eat.  Does it get better than that for a Grandpa?


  1. We are all tired campers tonight!! We flopped in the cold basement and watched a movie. Both Tom and I have sunburns in the funniest places-like the back of our legs (and I forgot to put lotion on Tom's love handles-so he is burned there too-that should teach hime to wear more clothes!) See you later! kris

  2. I fondly remember my gardening days. We have no greenhouse, and here in zone 3 it was hit or miss as to whether we were going to be eating vine-ripened or window sill-ripened red tomatoes before the frosts did the plants in. Fall was still a cornucopia of zucchini and other squash. But alas, those days are over..... We got unfencable GOATS! I can't even grow horseradish any more.