Monday, April 18, 2016

Rhubarb and Asparagus--- The First Stars in the Garden

Well, Spring is here. Heat wave last weekend, freezing temps for two weeks before that.   This gives me a chance to get ready for summer..   I don't have a big greenhouse so I just try to take what the weather gives me.  So my first crop is Rhubarb! Wow! So good as sweetened sauce, and pie, and cobbler..... in my imagination, I am licking my lips already.  I've got some time to wait, I have wood chips on the bed to slow them down a little. With a warm rain they are about 2 weeks away...
After the rhubarb will come the Asparagus. Ive got a long bed for them and after the next rain and a little warming they will start coming too. I've mentioned rain twice. The plants in the woods and in the garden seem to explode out of the ground after a warm rain. In this picture The asparagus bed is just weeds and wood chips. This week I'll trim out the weeds before things get started.But with this warm weather by May a few will start coming up.  The maple sap season is done, the softwood trees and bushes are starting to bud.  Spring is started.